Selling with FandomFashions is now open to artists!

Zhivago has always wanted to be able to help support other artists and the day has finally come! is looking to offer a curated collection of the fandom's best offerings and you can be a part of it!





Why sell with FandomFashions?

Artist Owned and Operated

Zhivago is a lifelong artist and has been part of the furry fandom for over 12 years. Zhi knows what it's like to put hard work and effort into a craft. You can trust an artist to respect your work rather than a random dude with a printer.

Hand-picked, Curated Collection

This isn't like other sites, we don't add artwork made by just anyone. This is a collection made just for the fandom. This is a marketplace for furries.

Hands-Free Printing, Fulfillment and Customer Service

You don't have to do anything except upload your artwork and tell me where to send your payouts.

Competitive Commission Rates

Our standard t-shirt pays you $7.50. You can see what our full list of standard rates are here. 

Room for Growth

Are your products selling well? Do you want higher profit margins and stock on hand? FandomFashions Artists get special perks with, a company devoted to assisting artists with moving into the big leagues with custom products.

Get Started!



Questions? Comments?

You can contact Zhivago via Telegram or via e-mail at